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Recreation complexes Kiev

Recreation complexes in Kiev have different orientation. More and more often the guests choose those country complexes that can offer a maximum amount of entertainment in the form of additional services. One of the obligatory conditions of quality rest for the modern guests is the presence of a sauna.

Benefits of a sauna in a country complex

Gone are the days when one went to the sauna solely for hygienic purposes. From now on, a sauna is a great option for a full relaxation of body and soul. With the right approach, visiting the steam room will be the prevention of many diseases.

Below are considered 6 positive aspects of a trip to the sauna at the country complex:

  1. Cleansing the body of toxins - before visiting the steam room should take a shower and dry the body, as moisture prevents perspiration. And this is the main indicator that the body is cleared of toxins and harmful substances.
  2. Slimming - high temperature affects the adipose tissue, and through perspiration, the body gets rid of excess salt. And with it goes toxins and decay products. In addition, when spending time in the sauna, the heart pumps more often, the metabolism speeds up and the calories are burned.
  3. Strengthening the immune system is what people usually go on vacation for: to get healthy in body and to get stronger in spirit for new achievements. But it's important to remember that alcoholic beverages and sauna are not compatible. This is especially important for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.
  4. Relaxation - visiting the sauna, a person gets rid of physical and mental tension, the level of anxiety decreases. All because there is a release of endorphin and serotonin.
  5. SPA procedure - after applying a nourishing mask to the hair and putting on a shower cap, it is necessary to go to the steam room. A stay in the sauna will intensify the effect of the ingredients of care and protect the hair from overheating.

  6. Preservation of youthfulness of the skin - the cells of the epidermis over time die off, the pores are clogged and the skin becomes flabby. And thanks to the gradual heating of the body, blood circulation is accelerated, pores are opened and cleaned, and dead parts are exfoliated. To increase the effectiveness of the procedure, cosmetic care products are used.

But the sauna is not the only attraction that is offered in today's recreation centers. Depending on the wishes of the guest it may be horseback riding, fishing, and board or active games - whatever you want. The main thing is to clarify in advance the possibility of providing services from the manager of the complex.

Enjoy your vacation!

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