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Red Fox


in Lisotel

Red Fox Restaurant: the perfect choice for celebrations and leisure.

You can spend your leisure time amidst picturesque views and taste the exquisite taste of food in the atmospheric interior at the Red Fox restaurant in the Lisotel country complex. Here you can enjoy traditional Ukrainian cuisine, each dish prepared according to an old recipe. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a large banquet, the restaurant has rooms for any event.

Unrivaled interiors to accommodate guests.

Hospitality and the desire to create a cozy place for a leisurely break from the bustling city were embodied in the creation of a warm national place in the country restaurant Red Fox. It combines a modern approach to comfort and the inspiration of old-time treats. The restaurant’s large living room is decorated with comfortable handmade furniture. A burning fireplace in the central part of the hall keeps the warmth and feeling of home.


In summer, a terrace is open for guests near the restaurant. Wooden furniture, rustic motifs in the interior, and picturesque views allow you to immediately get the taste and visual pleasure. After all the dishes have been tasted, you can take a walk around the complex.


The restaurant can be used for various celebrations:


  • Corporate events. The restaurant’s banquet hall can accommodate up to 65 guests, so it is ideal for organizing any kind of celebration for company employees.
  • Weddings. A full-fledged wedding ceremony is possible in the Lisotel country complex. If you wish, in the warm season, the solemn part can be organized outside in a picturesque location or in a banquet hall. For weddings, the menu is developed individually depending on the wishes of the newlyweds.
  • Romantic dinner. Dim lights, romantic music, and delicious dishes are all essential attributes of a dinner for two lovers. It will be remembered for a long time in the restaurant Red Fox.
  • Family meeting. If you need to celebrate any family holiday, such as an anniversary, milestone, or birthday, the restaurant in Lisotel is the best choice. In a small room with 4 tables, you can organize a quiet family party with only close people.

Guests can also have fun in other locations of the restaurant and the Lisotel complex. For example, go to the third hall and play a game of billiards or visit the library. You can also walk around the recreation center to the bee house, and souvenir shop, or take a ride on a wagon.

Menu based on old Ukrainian technologies.

Ukrainian national cuisine is a variety of healthy and delicious dishes that are typical for our country. The menu of the restaurant Red Fox consists of a variety of regional delicacies that can only be tasted here. Pickles, potato pancakes, dumplings, homemade sour cream, stuffed cabbage, fried sausages, fresh, fragrant bacon – rural cuisine allows you to truly enjoy it. The menu also includes traditional Ukrainian drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic. That’s why not only Kyiv residents but also guests from other cities of Ukraine come to Lisotel for a vacation.
For those who want to have a delicious meal, relax, or celebrate an important date in a cozy and picturesque area, the restaurant offers:

  • Dishes based on old recipes. For each dish, the same recipe from the grandmother, which has been passed down through generations, is reproduced. All the nuances of cooking are taken into account so that the food pleases the taste buds.
  • Natural products. Good dishes can only be created if quality products are used. Lisotel has its own farm, from which meat and other ingredients are used. This is exactly what our ancestors did – they grew a vegetable garden and raised cattle.
  • Preservation of cooking technology. In ancient times, all dishes were cooked in large ovens. This made them hearty and healthy. The restaurant has preserved the cooking techniques of the past, which gives the dishes a unique taste. This is especially true for pastries, which are cooked in an old oven.


The restaurant’s kitchen employs chefs with extensive experience who know and love their job. They create unsurpassed dishes that can drive you crazy with just one smell. This is all achieved by a successful combination of natural products, spices, and cooking technology.

Recreation for everyone


The restaurant welcomes every guest, which is why the menu has a number of dishes for younger guests. They are not only healthy but also have an interesting appearance. Children’s high chairs are provided so that guests with children can sit comfortably at the table.
For a comfortable stay with kids, there is a specially equipped children’s area with caring and experienced staff. With them, young guests will not be bored – professional animators and nannies will be able to entertain any child while parents are relaxing.


Red Fox Restaurant: where time ceases to exist

You can come to the country restaurant Red Fox alone or with your loved ones, family, and children. It has the same special atmosphere that makes guests become regular visitors. Come here if you want to return to your roots to reboot your mind and body with delicious food, leisurely relaxation, and picturesque views. Warm linden tea, collected in the nearby forest, will always be waiting for you in the buffet.

Wedding at the Lisotel recreation center

Weddings become especially unforgettable in the country hotel and restaurant “Red Fox”. Guests can rent cozy houses and cottages to stay for a few days and enjoy the atmosphere of a country vacation. We also have a chapel where a priest can perform a ceremony, making your wedding even more special.

The restaurant invites you to this magical world where every detail creates an atmosphere of happiness and joy. Entrust us with the organization of your wedding, and you will get an unforgettable event that will warm your hearts for a lifetime.

Country restaurant "Red Fox" with territory: a place for active recreation

We have a spacious area where you can spend active time with your family or friends. Barbecues, sports games, outdoor walks – all this is available on the territory of Lisotel.

Country restaurant "Red Fox" for a wedding: magic in every detail

The restaurant invites you to a world where every detail creates magic, and a wedding becomes an unforgettable event. We understand that a wedding is a special day that should be exceptional and magical. That’s why we provide you with everything you need to make your wedding exactly what you’ve always dreamed of.

Wedding in the open air or in a cozy banquet hall

At Lisotel, you have the opportunity to choose a wedding ceremony venue that suits your dreams. If you dream of an open-air wedding, we have a beautiful terrace overlooking the water, where you can exchange vows under the bright sun or starry sky. If you prefer the comfort of a banquet hall, our restaurant offers a spacious and cozy room with a stunning interior.

We understand that a wedding is not only a ceremony and a banquet but also thousands of little things that create a unique atmosphere. At Lisotel, we pay attention to every detail to make your wedding magical. From the decoration of the hall and flowers to the music and menu, everything is chosen with your happiness in mind.

Country restaurant "Red Fox" with a children's room: convenience for families

We make sure that every guest feels comfortable. For families with children, we have a cozy children’s room where kids can play and have fun while parents enjoy dinner.


Restaurant “Red Fox” is a place where the beauty of nature is combined with exquisite cuisine, creating an ideal place to relax and celebrate special events. Come and visit us and plunge into the world of comfort and taste of country restaurants.


*For prices, please contact the restaurant or call +38 099 744 44 34.

Country restaurant by the water: an atmosphere of peace and tranquility

Our country restaurant “Red Fox” is cozy and surrounded by nature, just a few steps from the shore of a picturesque pond, creating an indescribable atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Evenings spent here seem to be shrouded in a veil of tranquility. The sounds of nature and the soft light of the sunset penetrating inside create an atmosphere in which time flows slowly. This place is ideal for romantic dinners for a couple, where you can enjoy an intimate conversation, as well as for family gatherings, where children can play carefree in the open air.

It is not only a place for meetings and dinners – it is a real art of creating an atmosphere where every moment becomes special and unforgettable.

The restaurant “Red Fox” invites you to plunge into this unique atmosphere, where time slows down and moments become eternal memories. Come and feel the magic of a country restaurant.



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