Restaurant "Red Fox"

Country restaurant near Kiev ``Red Fox``

If you are looking for the perfect place to relax outside the city, where you can enjoy not only magnificent views of nature, but also amazing gastronomy, then the Lysotel restaurant is ideal for you. We are one of the best country restaurants located in the vicinity of Kyiv.


Country restaurants by the water: an atmosphere of peace and tranquility


Our country restaurant “Lisotel” is comfortably located surrounded by nature, just steps from the shore of a picturesque pond, creating an indescribable atmosphere of peace and tranquility.


Evenings spent here seem to be shrouded in a veil of tranquility. The sounds of nature and the soft light of the sunset penetrating inside create an atmosphere in which time slowly passes. This place is ideal for romantic dinners for two, where you can enjoy intimate conversation, as well as for family gatherings, where children can play carefree in the fresh air.


This is not only a place for meetings and dinners – it is the real art of creating an atmosphere in which every moment becomes special and unforgettable.


The Lisotel restaurant invites you to plunge into this unique atmosphere, where time slows down and moments become eternal memories. Come and feel the magic of a country restaurant.


Country restaurants for weddings: magic in every detail


The Lisotel restaurant invites you to a world where every detail creates magic and a wedding becomes an unforgettable event. We understand that a wedding is a special day that should be exceptional and magical. That’s why we provide you with everything you need to make your wedding exactly the one you’ve always dreamed of.


Wedding in the open air or in a cozy banquet hall


In “Lisotel” you have the opportunity to choose a place for a wedding ceremony that suits exactly your dream. If you’re dreaming of an outdoor wedding, we have a beautiful deck overlooking the water where you can exchange your vows under the bright sun or starry skies. If preference is given to the comfort of a banquet hall, then our restaurant provides a spacious and cozy hall with a stunning interior.


We understand that a wedding is not only a ceremony and a banquet, but also thousands of little things that create a unique atmosphere. At Lisotel we pay attention to every detail to make your wedding magical. From the decoration of the hall and flowers to the musical accompaniment and menu – everything is selected with care for your happiness.


Wedding at the recreation center “Lisotel”


In the country hotel restaurant “Lisotel” weddings become especially memorable. Guests can rent cozy houses and cottages to stay for a few days and enjoy the atmosphere of a country holiday. We also have a chapel where the priest can perform the ceremony, making your wedding even more special.


The Lisotel restaurant invites you to this magical world, where every detail creates an atmosphere of happiness and joy. Entrust us with organizing your wedding, and you will receive an unforgettable event that will warm your hearts for the rest of your life.


Country restaurants with territory: a place for active recreation


We have a spacious area where you can spend active time with your family or friends. Barbecue, sports games, walks in the fresh air – all this is available on the territory of the Lysotel.


Country restaurants with a children’s room: convenience for families


We make sure that every guest feels comfortable. For families with children, we have a cozy children’s room where the little ones can play and have fun while parents enjoy dinner.


The Lysotel Restaurant is a place where the beauty of nature combines with exquisite cuisine, creating an ideal place to relax and celebrate special events. Come to us and immerse yourself in the world of comfort and taste of country restaurants.