Bee house

Bee house

Lysotel is not just a holiday resort, it is a place where you can experience the incredible adventure you have dreamed of. We offer you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the cozy and mysterious world of bee houses, which will definitely make you take a new look at relaxation and taking care of your health.


What is a bee house?


The Bee House is our unique project, designed for those who are looking for something special in their holiday. These are small houses equipped specifically for your comfort and immersion in the world of bees. Here you can enjoy sleep surrounded by the aromas of honey, propolis, flowers and the sounds of life in a beehive.


What is unique about our bee house?


  1. Healing sleep: Sleeping in our bee houses is something amazing. The vibration of a beehive awaits you, which has a beneficial effect on your body, restores strength and gives vigor.
  2. Scents of Nature: All your senses will be saturated with the natural aromas of honey, wax and flowers. It’s like immersing yourself in a real bee paradise.
  3. Comfort and privacy: Bee houses are equipped with everything necessary for your comfort. You will have the opportunity to retire and enjoy peace.
  4. Affordable cost: We value every guest, so the cost of staying in our bee house is affordable for everyone.


Cost and booking:


The cost of staying in the bee house is 150 UAH for one person or 250 UAH for two. Book your unique holiday experience today!


Lysotel is a place where everyone can find something special. Our bee houses provide a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of bees, enjoy healing sleep and enrich your holiday with vivid impressions. Come join us for an extraordinary adventure in the bee houses of Lysotel!