Pool & SPA

Contemporary vacations with a pool


When all the annoying everyday problems come crashing down on us today, the need for a warm and peaceful corner, where you can feel free from everything and everyone, becomes extremely urgent. A place where you can get away from the daily grind and spend quality time with the people closest to you. There is such a place!

Rural recreation in the complex “Lisotel”, located near Kyiv, on a large area, right in the middle of the forest among the tall pines and ancient oaks on the bank of the river Ros. It is a warm and cozy place, filled with national colors, love for Ukrainian traditions, and European service standards. Indeed, Ukraine in the yard, Europe at home!

A visit to the pool from 8:00 to 16:30 is included in the price.

Visit the sauna – 650 UAH from 18:00 to 20:30

Book it. You are always welcome!

Pool near Kyiv, cozy cottages, excellent cuisine … What else can we offer?


Lisotel is a place with everything for your rest. Here you can live the life of a real Ukrainian Cossack: ride across the coastal fields on a well-fed horse, stay in the house of the cunning Baba Yaga – if you have children or if you yourself don’t mind having a little fun and, of course, take part in our famous folk festivals. Among other things, we offer traditional kinds of recreation: fishing and hunting. You can go fishing on the shore of lake Laskovoe and then cook your catch in our restaurant with national cuisine.


Holidays near Kyiv with a pool.


Weary of the whole day of fun and entertainment, you should definitely feel totally relaxed and try not just to lie in your hotel bed, but to relax all your muscles and mentally rest – we are talking about our SPA center near Kyiv, where you can enjoy a great massage! Take your time, though! Why not visit a traditional Finnish sauna or, even better, a real wood-fired sauna? Yes, the recreation center “Lisotel” can offer you an excellent holiday near Kyiv with a pool, where you can fully relax. What can be better than a SPA complex near Kyiv?

Home comfort and national colors do not leave our guests indifferent, who have become our relatives. The newlyweds are thankful to us for the good discounts and accommodation conditions, and the prices of our services are very loyal to you and all the guests.

Whether it is the weather or the time of year, the pool and spa resort are always open for our guests at Lisotel. The big size pool (16x7m) is divided into several zones, which serve as a place for children’s games and relaxation and as a place to practice swimming. The whirlpool zone allows you to sit comfortably in the Jacuzzi and enjoy a water massage. You can visit our gym and traditional Finnish sauna, go to our SPA salon, which offers various techniques of recreational and relaxing massages. SPA programs of our cosmetologists will allow you to forget about all problems, and you’ll plunge into the world of pleasure. Our cosmetic products are all-natural and based on ancient recipes.

Fishing near Kyiv with the cottages at the Lisotel base

There is a wonderful lake called “Laslavoye” on the territory of the base. Here the guests are given all the fishing tackles, and you can do your favorite thing the whole day. The lake is home to various fish, and it may be a silver carp, redfin, pike or grass carp, carp or crucian carp, etc. This kind of unforgettable Leisure time in Lisotel will bring back only pleasant memories. You will want to visit the holiday camp more than once.

Fishing in the lake

Liberal fishing – 150 UAH/day

Sports fishing – 300 UAH/day (you can let go of your catch)

Preferential fishing – 300 UAH/day.

Cleaned fish – 200 UAH/kg (take your catch with you)

Finished fish – 200 UAH/kg (take your catch with you)

Cooked with your or our recipe – 250 UAH/kg