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Take a steam bath in a wood-fired sauna

Bathhouse in Lisotel

Bathhouse near Kyiv - The best wood-fired bathhouse

More and more often, Ukrainians are abandoning foreign resorts and choosing outdoor activities near Kyiv. Ask why? The advantages are obvious: excellent natural, climatic, and landscape conditions can make your vacation, holidays, or just a weekend bright and unforgettable. Picturesque landscapes, a clean environment, and proximity to the capital make a vacation near Kyiv a unique leisure time. No need to travel far: just a few kilometers from the capital, you can have a great rest!


The Lisotel complex offers a countryside recreation center surrounded by a real forest. Here you can not only enjoy the natural surroundings but also take advantage of our sauna services in the forest. We offer a wood-fired sauna, where you can enjoy the treatments and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition, our complex has a lot of entertainment for children, including playgrounds and a real farm with domestic animals. Spend an unforgettable family weekend in Lisotel and enjoy the fresh air, birdsong, and warm sunshine, which gives you the opportunity for real relaxation. We are waiting for you!


Let your vacation be as pleasant and comfortable as in our baths in Kyiv.

If there is a bathhouse near Kyiv, then only Lisotel

If there is a bathhouse near Kyiv, then only Lisotel, where you can find the best bathhouse in the Kyiv region! But what’s a traditional vacation without a natural country sauna? On the territory of the campsite with a bathhouse, you can take a steam bath in a sauna heated with real wood. We offer you oak and birch brooms and the services of a professional bathhouse attendant. The complex includes a sauna and a room with a fireplace, where it is so nice to relax after a bath! The best bathhouse near Kyiv is only on the territory of the recreation center.


For those who like to jump into the snow after a good stream, there are no barriers either. The bathhouse is located in the forest, which allows you to enjoy lying in the cold snow after the steam room. Such immersion in the snow is a great way to harden your body for the whole year! And afterward – aromatic herbal teas with honey, which are prepared according to old recipes, especially for the clients of the Lisotel complex.


Taking a real traditional bath is a wonderful wellness procedure for the whole body. It promotes not only good physical but also spiritual health.


The bathhouse has a relaxation room, a swimming pool, and a fireplace room. Oak and birch brooms, aromatic herbal tea with honey and jam, bath attendant services. Visit the best baths in Kyiv with the Lisotel complex!

  • Up to 4 people – 4250 UAH / 2 hours.
  • More than four people – 1000 UAH per person / 2 hours.
  • Bath attendant services are paid additionally.



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