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The best recreation center with a heated swimming pool and food – Lisotel


Welcome to the unique recreation complex "Lisotel" in picturesque Rokytny, just a few steps from Kyiv. Our specialty is enjoying an unforgettable vacation with a swimming pool. Whether it's cozy guesthouses, heated pools for year-round comfort, or luxurious pool spas where every moment is filled with comfort, Lisotel provides the perfect combination of natural beauty and water activities for a unique vacation experience.


On the territory you will find not just a complex with a swimming pool, but a unique vacation with the opportunity to enjoy swimming pools in special areas designed for comfortable relaxation in any weather. For connoisseurs of heat, there are heated swimming pools, where the water is always at a pleasant temperature.


Lisotel is an ideal choice for those looking for a heated swimming pool near Kyiv. We provide an opportunity to enjoy the peace of nature and at the same time easy access to city entertainment. Here you will find an exceptional vacation, where every moment turns into a unique experience.


Warm comfort in the pool near Kyiv


бассейн с питанием


For those who appreciate additional comfort, we offer something special - heated pools. Discover the ultimate pleasure of swimming in water that is maintained at a pleasant temperature, even on cool days. This is not just a heated pool, it is an opportunity to enjoy water activities at any time of the year.


We pay attention to every detail to make your relaxation unique. Our houses and cottages offer a secluded and comfortable space for relaxation in the circle of loved ones.


For those who prefer to relax in a group, we offer a cozy pool where the water invites you to socialize and have fun. It is an ideal place for families, friends or colleagues, where everyone can enjoy the clear water and cozy atmosphere.


At Lisotel, we create not just a vacation with a swimming pool, but a unique experience where water becomes a source of pleasure, comfort and recovery.


A variety of recreation for everyone


бассейн с подогревом


In "Lisotel" every guest will find something unique that matches his preferences. Whether you want to enjoy a quiet rest by the pool, dive into active water games or prefer a secluded rest in cozy rooms - we have created the conditions for a full and varied rest.


For those looking for comfort and entertainment near the water, we offer a cozy recreation center with a swimming pool. Here, every moment becomes an opportunity to relax by the warm pool surrounded by greenery and enjoy the calming atmosphere.


And if you prefer closeness to nature and quiet solitude, our campsite with a swimming pool will be the perfect choice. The unique combination of a beautiful landscape and the opportunity to enjoy water procedures creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.


At "Lisotel" we understand that each guest is unique, and therefore we offer various vacation options to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes. Your vacation with us is not just about spending time, it is about creating unique memories, regardless of how you prefer to spend your time.


"Lisotel" resort: a guide to a secluded holiday with a swimming pool


бассейн с питанием


For those looking for solitude and peace, our camp becomes an indispensable solution. Located in a remote place, surrounded by nature, it provides all the amenities of "Lisotel" and turns into your personal corner of peace.


In our campsite with a swimming pool, you will find the seclusion you have been dreaming of. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, every moment here is filled with silence and harmony with nature. The private heated pool surrounded by greenery will be an ideal place for morning refreshment or evening relaxation.


For those who appreciate not only seclusion, but also comfort, we offer a recreation center with a heated pool. In such places, not only solitude awaits you, but also the opportunity to enjoy water activities. You can choose a recreation center with a heated pool, so that even on cool days you can feel the pleasant warmth of the water.


Lisotel becomes an ideal option for those looking for a swimming pool for recreation in Kyiv. The remote location of the camp is combined with the proximity to the capital, allowing you to enjoy nature without giving up city amenities.


In recreation centers with swimming pools, each guest finds exactly what suits his preferences. Relaxing by the water, active games in the pool or secluded relaxation in cozy rooms - we have everything for a complete rest, no matter how you prefer to spend your time.


Proximity to Kyiv: Easy access to heavenly rest


swimming pool with heating and food


"Lisotel" provides a unique opportunity to enjoy a vacation with a swimming pool right at the doorstep of Kyiv. Easy access and at the same time seclusion - the perfect combination for a perfect vacation.


"Lisotel" is not just a tourist base, it is a place where memories are born. We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of comfort, beauty and coziness, leaving the hustle and bustle of the city outside the window and enjoying every moment of your relaxation in the heated pool.

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