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The best places for weekend rest near Kyiv

Welcome to Lisotel - an ideal place for a weekend break near Kyiv! We are happy to offer you a unique atmosphere and comfort just a few steps from the capital.


Unique features of Lisotel


places to relax on weekends near Kyiv


Lisotel is not just a vacation, it is a real adventure in comfort and peace. Here you will find everything you need for a perfect weekend near Kyiv: starting from cozy and well-equipped rooms, where every detail is created for your comfort, and ending with a well-kept territory surrounded by picturesque nature.


We strive to be one of the best vacation spots near Kyiv, providing our guests with not only comfort and peace, but also unique opportunities for a real vacation. Our territory, full of greenery and places for walking, invites you to enjoy nature to the fullest.


Lisotel is not just a hotel, it is one of the best vacation spots near Kyiv, where attention to detail and care for guests create a unique atmosphere, allowing every visitor to feel at home away from home.


Entertainment opportunities


Rest in Lisoteli offers a variety of options, creating an ideal combination from active recreation to quiet pastime. You can enjoy a weekend break near Kyiv from hiking or cycling, feeling the fresh air and the surrounding nature, which our hotel harmoniously fits into its landscape.


For those who love an active lifestyle, we have various activities such as fishing and a gym where you can keep in shape even while you are relaxing. For a more relaxing time, we invite you to relax by our pool, where you can enjoy the refreshing water, or visit our spa center, where comfort and professional treatments await you for complete relaxation.


Lisotel offers unique places for recreation, organically fitting into the surrounding nature near Kyiv. You can savor the natural beauty while enjoying a half-day ride on a carriage, or immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the bathhouse to completely relax and take care of your health.


We invite you to Lisotel - an ideal place for rest near Kyiv, where everyone will find something to their taste and preference.


Infrastructure and amenities


Our rooms are equipped with everything necessary for your convenience, and the Lisotel restaurant invites you to enjoy exquisite cuisine. There is also space for events and conferences, making Lisotel an excellent choice for leisure and business.


Transport accessibility


Thanks to its convenient location, Lisotel is easily accessible from Kyiv. Just a few kilometers and you are already in an atmosphere of peace and relaxation.


Book a weekend vacation near Kyiv


Don't miss your chance for a perfect weekend. Contact us by phone or leave a request on the website - and we will be happy to make your stay in Lisotel unforgettable!

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