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Rest on the shore of the lake in Lisoteli: Enjoy nature in a cozy atmosphere


Let's dive into the magical world of recreation on the lake in the recreation center on Lake Lisoteli. This is not just a recreation center - it is a real refuge, where every moment becomes a unique adventure. Our lake, although not revealed in its full beauty from the window of your house, attracts with its incredible aura. Hidden in gentle greenery, it creates a unique atmosphere of relaxation on the shore of the lake, as if inviting you to a quiet conversation in the embrace of nature.


Imagine slow walks along the shore, where the rustling of leaves and the singing of birds blend into the melody of your vacation. Experience the magic of sunrises and sunsets reflected in the calm waters, creating pictures that will be remembered for a lifetime. The shore of the lake turns into your own paradise, where you can enjoy a picnic, feel the freshness of the breeze and just enjoy the moment.


Our amenities, being within walking distance of the lake, invite you to relax on the lake. After an active day, the nature of Lisotel with its soothing lake becomes the perfect backdrop for your evening of relaxation under the starry sky. Lisotel - where every moment is illuminated by the magic of nature and opportunities for real relaxation on the shore of the lake.


Houses and cottages near the water


Rest on the shore of Lake Kyiv


Choose a cozy house or a spacious cottage, disguised in green trees, giving you maximum privacy and peace. Despite the lack of direct visual visibility of the lake, its shores are always at your disposal just a few steps away. Each home is designed with your comfort in mind, providing the perfect atmosphere for total immersion in natural harmony. Wake up to the singing of birds, enjoy the silence of the forest and feel the freshness of the morning air, creating a unique picture of a calm rest.


Advantages of loneliness


A feature of our recreation center is solitude and peace. You can enjoy a natural walk along the lake, enjoying the fresh air and the beauty of the surrounding landscape.


This peculiarity of Lisotel carries an incredible opportunity to hide from the hustle and bustle and saturate your inner world with peace. Away from the noise of city life, our corner of nature invites you to travel through a wonderful world of silence and harmony.


Imagine the soft rustling of leaves under your feet during a pleasant walk along the lake. The sun's rays penetrate through the branches of trees, revealing amazing games of light on land and in water. Fresh air, saturated with the aromas of nature, fills your lungs, creating a feeling of complete bliss.


Resting near Lisotelya Lake becomes an impassable limit of rest. You can immerse yourself in the surrounding nature, forget all your worries and just enjoy the moment. Gaze at the expanse of water reflecting the majesty of the sky and feel how time slows down, giving you the opportunity to truly relax by the water.


Lisotel invites you on a secluded journey to yourself, where every walk becomes a moment of meeting yourself and restoring inner balance. In this corner of nature, as if created for solitude, you will find inner peace and the opportunity to recharge with the forces of nature.


Rest on the water


Rest on the shore of Lake Kyiv


Our lake and a variety of water activities invite you to an exciting adventure, where every drop of water hides many opportunities for relaxation and fun. Immerse yourself in an oasis of freshness and serenity, where comfort and water fun meet.


Lake Lisotelya is not just a place for swimming, it is a real zone of relaxation and communication with nature.


Lisotel offers you not just a rest on the lake, but a real source of inspiration, where every drop of water turns into a small piece of happiness and fun. Immerse yourself in this world where water becomes the source of your inner upliftment and healing fun.


Relaxation and self-care


We invite you on an incredible journey to complete relaxation in our spa center, where exquisite treatments combine with the natural environment, creating a unique experience of true bliss. Forget about everyday worries and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of peace, where every manipulation in the hands of our professionals becomes a step towards harmony with yourself and the world around you.


Enjoy the warmth of the indoor pool, where the water becomes therapy for your body and soul. Surrounded by nature, our pool creates a unique feeling of swimming in the open air, without losing the coziness and comfort of a closed space. Under the soft rustling of trees and the soft light of candles, you will feel the tension coming from every fiber of your body.


And for those who prefer to keep fit and take care of their body, our gym with panoramic windows invites you to an exciting workout. It's not just physical activity, it's exercise for the body and mind, where every approach becomes a step towards your best self.


Lisotel invites you to fully immerse yourself in the world of spa relaxation and fitness, where every procedure, every exercise is concerned with your well-being and harmony. Leave everyday worries behind and open the door to a world of true comfort, self-care and endless possibilities for recovery.


Rest on the shore of the lake near Kyiv in Lisotel


Отдых на берегу озера Киев


Resting on the lake in Lisotel is an immersion in the world of incredible harmony and coziness, which welcomes you with the embrace of nature just a few steps from Kyiv. Here, in this cozy corner near Kyiv, we invite you to a unique vacation experience, where the conveniences of the modern world and the charms of nature merge, creating a perfect combination for your pleasure and comfort.


Lisotel is not just a recreation base, but your personal corner of peace near the water, where every moment turns into an incredible memory. Here you can enjoy walks along the lake, where every step is filled with fresh air and a unique atmosphere of nature. Your memories will be filled with moments of inspiration, when the western rays of the sun envelop you with warmth, and the breeze from the lake gives you an incredible feeling of freshness.


Our mission is to create for you not just a stay in Lisoteli, but a real experience full of moments of peace and joy. Every detail, from the cozy cabins to the water activities and spa treatments, is designed to make your vacation unforgettable. Lisotel is your key to peace and inspiration, your refuge by the water, where memories are born that will give you a smile for years to come.

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