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Recreation center in the forest near Kyiv

Relaxing in nature with comfort: what do modern recreation centers offer?

If earlier recreation in nature was always associated with inconvenience, tents, mosquitoes and cold, today this concept has completely changed. A modern recreation center near Kyiv is an equipped complex in which all communications are established, and where everyone can find activities to their liking. When planning your weekend, consider a suburban option. There you can not only enjoy the beauty of nature, but also taste delicious dishes, get healthy or enjoy a new activity for the whole family.

What to do in the forest near Kyiv?

recreation base in the forestLisotel is a recreation center in the forest near Kyiv, where everyone can find the right activity. What possibilities does the modern complex offer?


In addition to healing fresh air and sound sleep, the following procedures are available to visitors: The presented classes will help you relax, get away from your routine and completely reset. A properly planned visit to all procedures is a simple opportunity to strengthen immunity and general well-being in general.

Hobby in the forest near Kyiv

Don't have time to do what brings you joy and pleasure? Then free up time on the weekend or week to pay attention to the following: On the territory of the complex, all conditions have been created for comfortable pursuit of your favorite hobby. Everyone can try their hand at something new.

Active recreation in the forest near Kyiv

Sedentary work and constant busyness is no reason to deny yourself emotions. Lisotel offers its guests
  • Take a boat ride.
  • Check in with bicycles.
  • Order a tour.
  • Go on a hike to pick berries, mushrooms, or healing herbs.
  • Take part in folk festivities.


Constant stress puts the nervous system out of balance. You began to notice fatigue, irritability and aggression more and more often, then the recreation center in the forest near Kyiv is ready to offer the following:
  • Resting on the beach by the river/lake.
  • Folk art master classes.
  • Learning skills such as pottery or making homemade bread.
  • Outdoor picnics.
  • Visiting the chapel.
To recharge as much as possible, you can go through therapy, where you need to chop wood, mow grass or milk goats. All this will help fill the energy balance and internal resource.recreation base in the forestLysotel is a place where you can be alone with your thoughts, with your significant other, friends or children. Children's rooms with professional nannies are available for the smallest visitors. Children will be able not only to have a good rest, but also to learn a lot of new things.The recreation center near Kyiv dispels the myth that you can go to the fence only with a tent and tourist equipment. Here, guests can enjoy European service, an extended program, and available full reboot options. It is recommended to book the houses in advance, because the complex has many visitors at any time of the year.
The forest, the river and the feeling of complete tranquility will help you replenish your energy supply and strength.

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