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Fishing on the lake and the Ros River

Fishing in Lisotel

Fishing near Kyiv

The Lisotel recreation center offers a hassle-free fishing vacation on the shores of Lake Laskove near Kyiv. You can come here alone, with friends, or with your family and enjoy the quiet water surface, the excitement of catching fish, and its delicious cooking. Here you can completely immerse yourself in another world, touch nature, and get a lot of unsurpassed emotions. And in between fishing, you can take a walk around the complex and see the ancient traditions of the Ukrainian people.

Fishing near Kyiv: touching gatherings with friends

Fishing is an ancient way for our Ukrainian ancestors to get food, but this activity brings more than just delicious fish. At Lisotel, it’s a way to spend leisure time and get away from the stress of everyday life. Guests don’t have to worry about tackle and fishing rods – everything they need is available on-site.


In Lake Laskove you can catch:

  • rudd;
  • silver carp;
  • pike;
  • carp;
  • white cupid;
  • crucian carp.

Long-term vacation on the banks of the Ros River

You can get real pleasure from fishing during a short vacation or a mini-vacation. Guests of Lisotel who choose to spend the whole weekend on the territory of the complex can use all the available services. For example, choose accommodation in the KOROP’OK house, which is located between the Ros River and Lake Laskove. The interior is decorated with handmade furniture that creates a cozy atmosphere of privacy. Fishermen can fish right from the boat dock, which is equipped near the house. Guests can also rent a boat and go fishing in the middle of the lake.


A leisurely vacation can be completed by cooking a delicious fish soup on your own or taking the fish to the chefs of the Red Fox restaurant. They can cook it according to your or a local recipe.

If fishing is a special kind of pastime for you, then you can come to the complex for amateur or sport fishing. Here you can compete with other fishermen and determine the best among those present. You can also just come to Lisotel to meet the sunrise or see the sunset with a fishing rod, and enjoy the magical air and birdsong.

A leisurely walk - what can you visit in Lisotel?

You can take a break from fishing by walking along the picturesque paths on the territory of the Lisotel complex, which is located in a pine forest. It is here that you can enjoy the healing air and vivid natural landscapes.


During your walk, you should visit the Red Fox restaurant and taste regional Ukrainian dishes made according to old recipes. Every component of meat food that gets to the guests’ table is grown on the restaurant’s own farm. During cooking, the technologies used by the ancestors of our land are preserved. That is why the dishes are distinguished by their quality and taste.


You can diversify your leisure time by attending folk art workshops. Here, guests can learn how to make candles from natural wax, motanka dolls or learn the secrets of Petrykivka painting. Each product has an inherent character of the Ukrainian people and embodies their culture.

Lisotel: immerse yourself in the calm flow of time


Fishing in the Lisotel country complex is an opportunity to plunge into nature and hear its breath. The seductive aromas of herbs, the sound of birds, and the movement of grass awaken the primitive in a person allowing them to find answers to difficult questions and recognize their true desires. That is why after a vacation at Lisotel every guest returns refreshed and able to conquer new heights.



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