Prepared candle from natural wax

At the base of Lisotel, we know how important it is to find different ways to spend time that can bring satisfaction and intensity. If you appreciate the mystique of making a candle from natural wax, then we have something special for you. Let’s take a moment to hold wax candles in the light and find out how to make them with strong hands.


Making a candle from natural wax is a real mystery. There is so much to love about us, how candles can create a calm and calm atmosphere in our booth. Shall we tell you that you can create your own unique candles using vicor and natural wax? Our masters are ready to share with you all the secrets of this fussy process.


How to prepare wax candles? This food often praises those who are overwhelmed by the light of manual robots. On the basis, you will learn how to choose the finest natural wax, add scent and color, and then incorporate your ideas into life, creating garnets and functional candles. Our masters will be with you to give you instructions and please, and also to share their professional secrets.


Making wax candles is a sizzling and relaxing activity. Coming to us, you can not only enjoy the beautiful nature and active adventures, but also try your strength with the prepared candles. This is an ideal stop for those who want to learn something new and spend an hour in love.


Don’t miss the chance to earn something special and unique from a company of like-minded people. Come to Lysotel and soak in the light a candle made from natural wax. We guarantee that it won’t be just busy activities, but a miraculous way to relax and enjoy the beauty of creativity. We kindly ask the world for wax candles at the base of Lisotel!