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Lisotel: Recreation center in the forest with houses near the lake

Relaxation surrounded by nature is always attractive and the "Lisotel" recreation center provides an ideal place for those who dream of a recreation center in the forest. Located in the depths of a picturesque forest and with excellent access to the lake and the river Ros, "Lisotel" offers a unique experience that combines relaxation in the forest, comfortable houses and a lot of entertainment.


Forest location and surroundings


The recreation center "Lisotel" is located in a picturesque pine forest, where every breath is filled with the fresh aroma of needles, and every step is accompanied by the singing of birds. This is a secluded place where nature dominates everything in its incredible beauty.


Here, guests can enjoy incredible views at any time of the year. In spring and summer, the forest blooms with bright colors and is filled with picturesque flowers, creating the perfect environment for walks and picnics. In autumn, the forest turns into an avenue of golden and red shades, and in winter it is covered with fluffy snow, creating a fairy-tale atmosphere.


The close location to the lake and the Ros River gives "Lisotel" a special charm. Guests can enjoy walking, relaxing by the lake and even fishing. Here, everyone can find their own corner of peace, whether by the lake, or in the shade of tall pines, or by the banks of the picturesque Ros River. This is a place where time slows down and the soul finds harmony with the surrounding nature.


Cozy houses in the forest


On the territory of "Lisotel" there are various houses for rest. From small romantic bungalows to spacious cottages for families and companies. Inside each house there are all the necessary amenities to make guests feel at home.


Fun and activities in the forest


In "Lisotel" you will always find something to diversify your vacation. Hiking and biking trails in the forest provide an opportunity to enjoy nature, while fishing and water activities on the lake will make your vacation unforgettable. Barbecues and picnics in the fresh air will be a great end to the day.


A recreation center in the forest is an ideal place for relaxation


"Lisotel" provides a unique opportunity to escape the city bustle and stress. A forest retreat is a healing experience, allowing guests to enjoy fresh air and natural healing. Regardless of the season, our country complex is always happy for guests.


How to get there and book


For those who dream of visiting a recreation center in the forest, it is important to know how to get there and book a place. Information about the location and availability of the recreation center, as well as booking instructions, are available on our website.


"Lisotel" is a place where rest in the forest becomes a reality. The advantages of nature, cozy houses and many activities make this place ideal for those who dream of a vacation base in the forest. We invite you to an unforgettable adventure where you can distract yourself from everyday worries and immerse yourself in the world of natural harmony.


Lisotel is not just a rest base in the forest, it is a place where you will find peace, comfort and inspiration. Come and immerse yourself in the world of nature, where every day is filled with fresh air and adventure. Cozy houses and an endless forest landscape await you, and we look forward to meeting you in "Lisotel".

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