Countryside recreation near Kiev

If you have a great desire to relax, but don’t want to leave the capital of Ukraine and go to other cities and countries, then you should pay attention to the countryside recreation near Kiev. A desire to relax is quite normal for most people. Everyone needs a vacation, but the main thing is to hold it at the highest level.

Lisotel will change the idea of a rest outside the capital city. Many interesting services, entertainment and incredibly useful rest, which will relax the body, relieve it from the effects of hard work and strengthen the spirit. Walking in the fresh air, visiting spa treatments, fishing and racing bicycles, all this is not a fairy tale, but an ordinary vacation in a country hotel.

The art of vacationing in a country hotel

You need to know how to rest, so the administration of the country hotel has taken care of a healthy and proper rest for its visitors. Vacationers can ride horses and brisket, relax on the beach near the lake and go boating. Those who like a quieter holiday can read a book near the lake or sit by the fire, this will allow the mind to relax and undergo a recovery session.

Country trips are a great excuse to play soccer, billiards, volleyball or ping pong. Hunting and fishing are also available to every visitor of the complex, and special attention should be paid to the gym and the whole session of recovery procedures. After a workout, vacationers will be revitalized with spa treatments and relaxing massages.

Cozy atmosphere and a feeling of freedom

During rest in the complex you can look into a souvenir shop of Baba-Yaga, visit the Chapel of the Cover of the Blessed Virgin Mary and bake bread in the oven. Warm and cozy atmosphere will give an unforgettable holiday, memories of which will visit the guests for a long time.

Visitors are offered various guided tours, a whole library with a huge range, folk art workshops and a healing session in the bee-houses.

Paradise for children

Vacationers can not worry about their children during a vacation at the country hotel. Children can play quietly at the playgrounds, and in case of emergency you can always turn to a professional nanny, who will not let the baby get bored.

You can also have fun with children at the pool, where it is time to teach them to swim. The child always has the right to go for a ride with his parents on the boat and get a lot of memories for a lifetime.