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Celebrating a child's birthday

Birthday in Lisotel

Celebrate a child's birthday in nature near Kyiv at the Lisotel complex

Do you want to organize a party for your favorite children? Don’t settle for organizing a gloomy extravaganza in a stone jungle filled with exhaust fumes. How is it possible to create a real fairy tale for children if you celebrate a child’s birthday in Kyiv because neither a colorful clown nor balloons can replace the emotions that outdoor holidays give children? Let’s go to a wonderful fairy-tale corner – Lisotel!

Celebrating a children’s birthday in nature is a real delight for both children and parents. Immerse yourself in the magical balance and prosperity of a beautiful forest, far from noisy cities and shopping centers on the banks of the Rosa River. The Lisotel country complex will allow you to organize a memorable children’s party in the enchanting surroundings of untouched nature. Children will not only get positive impressions on such a holiday but also improve their health thanks to the clean and healing air. They will feel free, able to relax and play without being limited by city walls.

Celebrating a child's birthday in nature near Kyiv can be turned into an unforgettable family vacation!

Lisotel has its own farm on the territory of the complex, which guarantees high-quality and healthy ecological food, so you and your kids will not go hungry. You will be offered delicious dishes of both national rural cuisine and European cuisine. In the restaurant “Red Fox” you can organize any feast and celebrate an important date for you. The restaurant building with a magnificent wooden interior fits perfectly into the surrounding nature, and delicious dishes from our chef will not leave any guest indifferent.


The creators of the Lisotel complex have created an excellent infrastructure for recreation with a child inside the natural corner, so the organization of a children’s birthday party near Kyiv in nature will appeal to both parents and children. In addition to the fairy-tale houses where you can live, the complex has many children’s playgrounds, a children’s club “Hedgehog” and a swimming pool with a children’s swimming area. Horseback riding and boat trips on the river are organized for children and adults who enjoy outdoor activities. As we know, children’s communication with animals has a healing effect. At Lisotel, everyone can get up close and personal with animals at the cozy ZOO Island farm.


The staff of the complex regularly organizes entertainment events for children and adults, it is an ideal place to celebrate a child’s birthday. At your request, the recreation program can be made both in the traditional Ukrainian national style for Lisotel and using any other theme you like.

Celebrate a child's birthday in nature!

The Lisotel Recreation Center is an ideal place for family celebrations, such as weddings, birthdays, christenings, and other holidays. Our staff has extensive experience in hosting and organizing any kind of celebration. And most importantly, we have a regular program of discounts and bonuses for our guests.



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