Fishing on the lake and the Ros River

Fishing near Kiev

If you are tired of the eternal bustle, you are tired of getting caught in endless traffic jams, you want to get away from all the people around you, turn off your cell phone and enjoy the delights of life and communication with your family? Then you urgently need to have a rest at Lisotel – a modern family vacation base. It is located not far from Kyiv, only a few kilometers from the city. The base is built in a colorful forest on the banks of the river Ros; the comfortable wooden houses are placed among the majestic oaks. These rooms have everything for an unforgettable time. Guests can visit a restaurant near Kyiv , a bar, a museum, a bathhouse, a billiard room, a beach, a small farm, and a hunters’ club. But most importantly in Lisotel, you can go fishing. If you need fishing near Kyiv – you are on the right site.

Fishing near Kiev with the cottages at the base Lisotel


There is a wonderful lake called “Laslavoye” on the territory of the base. Here the guests are given all the fishing tackles and you can do your favorite thing the whole day. The lake is home to a variety of fish, it may be a silver carp, redfin, pike or grass carp, carp or crucian carp, etc. This kind of unforgettable Leisure time in Lisotel will bring back only pleasant memories. You will want to visit the tourist base more than once.

Fishing in the lake


fishing – 250 UAH/day


Sports fishing – 300 UAH/day (when you let go of your catch)


Cleaned fish – 250 UAH/kg (take your catch with you)

Cooked in your or our recipe – 350 UAH/kg

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