Fishing houses near Kiev: Where to relax?


fishing near Kyiv with houses


If you have not yet decided where to relax near Kiev in nature, then Lisotel is a suitable option for those who want to relax and engage in their favorite hobby – fishing. The presented activity is a great way to improve your mental and physical health. The recreation center provides comfortable conditions for a pleasant pastime.


Why is outdoor fishing so beneficial?


houses with fishing near Kyiv


Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, fishing is a great way to unwind. What are the main benefits of this activity:


  • Maintaining physical fitness.

When you fish, your major muscle groups, heart and lungs receive the brunt of the work. Setting up, casting and then reeling in hundreds of small fish takes strength. Not to mention the huge carp or pike that you can find in our waters. In this case, the shoulders, back, arms and legs are involved. Your hobby turns into an active workout.


  • Restoring vitamin D deficiency.

Even if the weather is cloudy, as is often the case in autumn, staying outside provides an opportunity to replenish vitamin D reserves. It makes it possible to maintain normal levels of calcium and phosphate in the body, which affects the health of bones and teeth. Vitamin D boosts immunity and helps cope with stress.


  • Improved concentration.

Fishing in the fresh air makes the brain work more actively, which increases concentration and makes it possible to quickly cope with the task at hand.


  • Fighting stress.

Being in nature near water reduces anxiety and promotes a feeling of calm. Fishing houses near Kiev are an alternative for those who suffer from post-traumatic disorder or are constantly under stress.


  • A great way to spend time with friends.

Fishing with loved ones is an alternative to usual meetings. You can have fun and engage in exciting gambling activities.


holiday near Kiev with fishing and houses


Lysotel is a country complex that provides European level service. You can rent a house in a traditional Ukrainian style or a standard wooden one. The employees of the country complex will make sure that your stay is comfortable and convenient.