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The advantages of a country vacation

Life in the metropolis tires you out and takes a lot of energy, the constant work, and city noise begin to irritate you every day more and more. Many people want to have a good and unforgettable vacation, but no one wants to go just for a couple of days in another country, so country complexes were invented.

Special country hotels are designed to replace the trip to another country. These complexes offer everything you need to relax every muscle in your body and truly experience a pleasure.

The most important advantages of a vacation in the country are obvious:

  • the clean fresh air that will saturate the lungs and cleanse the body;
  • silence and absence of city noise, only birdsong, and sounds of nature;
  • enjoyment of nature and the absence of city bustle.

The modern country complex can provide all of these services and add many bonuses in addition.

Sport and togetherness with nature

The country complex has room for everything, and sports are one of the most important attributes here. Visitors can visit the gym, play soccer, darts, volleyball, and billiards. Anyone can go for a ride on a horse, go for a bike ride or experience the magical atmosphere of fishing on the lake.

Fresh air will provide a whole course of recovery from outdoor activities. Just a simple walk is enough and you can notice how the body has recovered in no time at all. Sitting around the fire and reading books on the bench will lift your spirits and add a little comfort to anyone's soul.

Cooking and Recovery Courses

There is so much delicious food in today's world that you want to try everything at once. Professional chefs in country hotels will feed absolutely every guest, no one will go hungry. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are accompanied by live and pleasant music and served dishes are prepared only from organic and natural products.

The recovery courses at the complexes include SPA treatments, massage sessions, and pools. It is especially pleasant to visit a massage and a swimming pool before going to bed, then the body is as relaxed as possible, and sleep will come very quickly. Also one of the best recovery procedures is a walk in the air. It is enough to take a little walk and the body will be refreshed, after which you can safely say that the rest was a success. Sleep after such procedures always lasts longer than usual.

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