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Staying in a castle complex near Kiev

Kyiv residents know what city bustle is like. The constant noise of cars, crowds of people, and intrusive advertising make people unbalanced. That's why it's worth doing a so-called reboot from time to time. A great way to get rid of fatigue and everyday hustle and bustle is to relax in a country complex near Kyiv. If you are going to leave the noisy metropolis for a few days, you need to take a responsible approach to the issue of choosing housing. Walking, fresh air, fishing, nature are popular proven and high-quality relaxation options. It is useful for both guests and residents of the capital to know which places are the best places to relax outside the capital.

How much will a vacation in a country complex in Kyiv region cost?

It is worth starting with the fact that before any vacation, you need to immediately decide how you will spend it. Only then do you look for a suitable complex for yourself. For example, for some people, vacation means meeting friends, karaoke and dancing. For others, it's quite the opposite. There are many people who, after a hard week at work, just want to spend time in silence and pay attention to themselves. The main thing to remember is that the more services a country complex provides, the more expensive the price will be.

On average, prices for standard rooms in suburban complexes in the Kyiv region start at a thousand hryvnias per day. If you take a full set of spa treatments, then a day will cost, on average, three thousand hryvnias. The price is also affected by the specifics of the suburban complex.

There are the following hotels:

  • for active and sports recreation;
    for relaxation and recovery;
    for banquets and parties.

Most complexes in the Kyiv region are closer to nature and away from civilization. Therefore, no matter which hotel you choose, you are guaranteed free solitude with nature.

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