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Rest in the country complex in Kyiv region

Rest in a country complex in the Kyiv region

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to go on vacation abroad. The problem is not about money. The problem is that many people simply have no time to pack and travel. To help busy people come to the countryside complexes, where the rest is not worse than abroad.

Finding the right out-of-town resort in the Kyiv region is easy enough; the main thing to remember is what you want to get for your vacation.

Rest outside the city

Moscow citizens often complain that living in Kyiv is very exhausting. Of course, it is bright and saturated and has practically limitless opportunities not only for work, but also for leisure. But everyone needs a restart sometimes.

For a change of scenery is perfect living in a hotel, a country complex or a rented house or apartment. Luckily, there are a lot of options in the Kyiv region nowadays. You can find a hotel that will fit any taste and budget. But don't forget that all cottages are located in the Kyiv region, and that's why the prices may be a bit more expensive than in other regions of our country.

How much will it cost to have a rest at the country house in Kyiv region?

First of all, before any rest you need to decide how you will spend it. Only then to look for a suitable complex. For example, for some people a vacation is a meeting with friends, karaoke and dancing. But for others quite the opposite. A lot of people who, after a hard week's work, just want to spend time in silence, and pay attention to themselves. The main thing to remember is that the more services a country complex provides, the more expensive the price will be.

Average prices for standard rooms in Kyiv region start from 1000 hryvnias per day. If you want to have full SPA treatment, then an average day will cost you 3 thousand hryvnias.

The price is also affected by the specifics of the country complex. There are hotels for:

  • for active and sports rest;
  • for relaxation and recuperation;
  • for banquets and parties.

Most of the complexes in Kyiv region are situated closer to nature and farther away from civilization. So no matter which hotel you choose, you will get a free access to the nature for sure.

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