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Rest on the weekend

Weekend vacation: choosing a place

Weekend getaways are great for those who can't afford the luxury of doing nothing for more than a few days. Before the weekend, families often think about where to go on vacation.

A great option would be a summer cottage, but this is only relevant for those who have such a cozy house. But if you don't have a cottage, the question of where to spend the weekend remains open. In such situations, there is a great solution - to spend a weekend in the vicinity of Kyiv. Nowadays, vacation homes do not look like they did in the USSR. Modern and innovative suburban complexes often resemble elite resorts.

Advantages of country hotels

Below are 5 positive aspects that will play in favor of suburban complexes:

  1. The convenient location is especially important in case of an urgent need to get to the city: it can be done relatively quickly.
  2. Affordable price - prices are often based on all-inclusive rates. This point should be clarified with the hotel managers. The price of a room and dishes in the restaurant of the complex depends on which establishment a person will stay in.
  3. Clean air - away from the exhaust gases of the big city, people gain strength in the shortest possible time, and also have a moral rest. A couple of days in nature is enough to make you feel better.
  4. The opportunity to enjoy horseback riding - often some hotels offer such services for an additional fee.
  5. You don't have to wait for summer, because fall and spring are perfect for relaxing. At this time, the temperature is still far from cold.

When you have a couple of free weekends, a visit to a country complex is a great solution.

The benefits of outdoor recreation

Some families like to get out of the city, but not everyone knows how to make such a vacation as comfortable as possible. That's because tents and sleeping bags are romantic, but not for everyone. And when you move into a country complex, you can enjoy it:

  • clean air;
  • beautiful nature;
  • pleasant atmosphere;
  • the opportunity to see the sunset and meet the dawn;
  • a picnic with friends and family;
  • memories of wonderful days.

The desire to get away from the noisy metropolis, to forget about current and global troubles in life, will help you to relax in nature in a country hotel. The best way to enjoy life and get away from problems for a while is to go on vacation.

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