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Vacation near Kyiv

Tired of everyday worries, city dwellers are so eager to enjoy a countryside vacation, because this is exactly what a modern active city person needs. Our complex invites you to enjoy your vacation near Kyiv. We offer a unique place with its own special culture and atmosphere. Thanks to the efforts of nature and people, excellent conditions for green tourism and outdoor recreation have been created here. Coniferous forest, clear river, and cozy lawns will give you a feeling of complete harmony and tranquility. Here, thoughts of work dissipate, and the body and soul receive inspiring relief and calm.

We offer cozy and comfortable houses, colorful Ukrainian cuisine, hospitable service, and a unique health complex.

We pay special attention to environmental friendliness and quality guest service. The best dishes of Ukrainian cuisine are cooked on wood in a real Ukrainian oven and only from environmentally friendly products. Vegetables and fruits used for cooking are grown with boundless love and care by local farmers.

The combination of ethnic motifs and modern comfort, picturesque nature, national flavor - all this is about our country complex.

Being away from large settlements and roads, in one of the most picturesque regions of Ukraine, you will forget about everyday worries and experiences. There is only you and nature here.

Active recreation

We offer our guests various types of outdoor activities in every season. On warm, sunny days, you can escape from everyday life by going for a bike ride, boat ride or catamaran ride. They will give you cheerfulness, positive energy and new strength.

Hiking along forest trails will be useful. Trees with spreading branches will give you health, longevity and fill you with vital energy.

In summer and off-season, team sports games are especially popular with guests. Gather your own soccer, volleyball or paintball team and head to the specially equipped outdoor areas. The experience will be unforgettable!

For those who like strength exercises, we have equipped the playground with horizontal bars, and thanks to two equipped ground courts, we can invite tennis fans to play a few sets of their favorite game. You won't be bored even in the cold snowy season. Skiing, sledding, sleigh rides with horses - you'll never find such a drive.

Choose what you like! Be active, cheerful, and cheerful. We are waiting for you.

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