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Complexes near Kyiv

For those who were unable to go on vacation but still want to relax, we decided to make a small selection of countryside recreation complexes near Kyiv.

Sobi Club

The Sobi Club country complex is located in the village of Khotonivtsi, in the forest on the banks of the Dnipro River near Vyshhorod. The complex has a hotel, cottage houses, a restaurant, several catering areas and swimming pools for adults and children. You will be surrounded by a light and unforgettable atmosphere. All conditions are created for both passive and active recreation.

PRICE: from 400 UAH (per day on weekdays), 450 UAH (per day on weekends)

Grand Admiral Resort & Spa

Grand Admiral Resort & Spa is a five-star country club located 15 km from Kyiv in a forest in a guarded area. In addition to hotel accommodation, the complex offers banquets, team building and various spa treatments. Everyone will find everything they need to relax and have fun, both in a family and in a friendly circle.

PRICE: from 1000 UAH (per day)

Wish Family Space

Wish Family Space is a premium gated club in the territory of the Vyshneve Mistechko cottage complex. In the complex, you can go in for sports, visit spa treatments and relax by the pool. The price of a one-day stay includes access to the gym and entertainment areas, as well as certain spa treatments. You can spend your vacation with family, children, friends, and colleagues. All preferences for passive and active recreation will be taken into account.

PRICE: from 1500 UAH (per day)

Queen Country Club

Queen Country Club is a country complex with a 26-meter black swimming pool with a jacuzzi and a pool bar, an ideal place to enjoy water treatments and relax from hard workdays. The pool is heated, so the water temperature does not drop below 28 degrees in spring, summer and autumn. There are sun loungers, beds and bungalows with large umbrellas around the pool.

PRICE: from 500 UAH (per day)

Equides Club

Equides Club is a family-type equestrian club located 15 km from the center of Kyiv, on the shores of a lake. It offers horseback riding lessons, golf, poolside recreation, a gym, a restaurant, and a hotel. Some of the most frequent visitors are couples with children. Horseback riding has a beneficial effect on posture and the general condition of a person.

There are many suburban recreation complexes near Kyiv. Everyone can choose the right one for themselves. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you don't always need to go abroad, just look around and you can have a good rest near Kyiv.

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