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Recreation center of Kyiv

Recreation center near Kyiv

Lisotel is a Kyiv recreation center that completely dispels the idea of standard outdoor entertainment. In addition to active activities, the whole family can try themselves as chefs. Culinary master classes are regularly held on the basis of Lisotel. Main directions:

  • Baking bread.
  • Cooking traditional dishes.
  • Getting to know Ukrainian, Italian or any other cuisine.

Why is it worth attending a culinary master class at a recreation center?

Whether you want to learn everything from scratch or just develop your skills, themed cooking classes are a great way to spend time on your own or with your loved ones. Not only is self-cooked food a money saver, it's also an easy way to get an energy boost.

The process of creating dishes gives you the opportunity to relax, escape from the routine and restore your nervous system. In addition, such an event puts you in a good mood. Why, after all, is it worth attending one of the master classes at the recreation center near Kyiv?

Your professional skills are growing.

Cooking classes are an introduction to new cooking techniques. You work with all the products yourself, controlling every step of the process and watching the chef. As a result, you will be able to taste your creation and treat your loved ones to it.

You get to know new flavors.

By attending master classes, you learn how to combine ingredients with each other, creating a unique and original taste. You can not just repeat after the chef, but add something new and unusual.

Cheer yourself up.

A cooking class is not just interesting, it is also "healing" and is equated with a special kind of therapy. Baking bread, making borscht and dessert is one of the ways to meditate. You immerse yourself in the process, disconnecting your mind from problems and routine.

You get an energy boost.

Food is known to carry energy. The cooking process makes it possible to get rid of sad thoughts.

Spend time with your loved ones.

Cooking together brings friends, partners, and family closer together. You act as a team and then evaluate your results.

Lisotel is your perfect weekend!

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