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Where to vacation in the countryside

Where to spend a weekend in October?

Fall and weekends are the perfect combination. If you don't know what to plan for the last warm days, then it's time to go to nature. Lisotel is a countryside complex where you can enjoy the forest, interesting entertainment, European service, and traditional cuisine. So, why renting a cabin near Kyiv on the territory of the recreation center is a great idea?

  • Firstly, fresh air, nature, and river will effectively reduce stress and help you to cope with stress and anxiety.
  • Secondly, Lisotel offers a variety of entertainment that will not leave anyone indifferent.

The recreation base is a suitable place for the whole family. A combination of natural environment and European service. Here you can relax not only in your body but also in your mind.

TOP popular entertainment

First of all, visitors can independently choose a cabin for rent. Customers are offered ordinary wooden and traditional Ukrainian "strikhi". Despite this, all cabins are comfortable and cozy. What awaits you inside: king-size bed, LCD TV, mini bar, tea set, organized bathroom, hairdryer, bath accessories. The staff of the complex provides comfort and cleanliness in the room. Also, clients are offered European-level service.

To fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere, you can take part in the following entertainment:

  • Riding on horseback or in a classic brick.
  • Folk festivities.
  • Baking bread and cooking traditional dishes.
  • Collecting herbs, and berries.
  • Visiting a bee house, a chapel, and a wood-fired bathhouse.

In addition to this, vacation homes near Kyiv offer their visitors to take part in interesting master classes. Those who want to release their energy will be able to rent a bicycle and take a ride. Boat rides, a gym and a spa center are also available to customers. You will be able to visit the restaurants that are located on the property.

If you're looking for a family vacation in the countryside, Lyotel offers an organized children's room, the opportunity to ride a bike together, go on a picnic, or participate in group meditation therapy, which involves collecting herbs, caring for animals and other interesting activities, such as milking a goat or mowing the grass. Doing activities together will not only help you find inner harmony but also help you have fun with your loved ones.

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