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Rest near Kyiv with an indoor pool in the suburban complex “Lisotel”

When the cold comes, many of us dream of warmth and coziness. What could be better than spending a winter vacation in the suburban recreation center "Lisotel", just a few steps from Kyiv? We have everything to make your winter vacation unforgettable!


Vacation near Kyiv with an indoor pool: Enjoy comfort and luxury


загородный комплекс с крытым бассейном под Киевом


Forget about the frost and the hustle and bustle of city life! In our country complex "Lisotel", comfortably located near Kyiv, we take care of your comfort and relaxation all year round. One of our greatest treasures is our indoor pool, available at all times, even in freezing weather.


When you cross the threshold of the recreation center, an oasis of warmth and comfort awaits you. Our indoor pool is a place where you can take a dip in the warm water while enjoying the cool air of a winter day. Here you can relax and unwind, forgetting about everyday worries.


Advantages of relaxing with an indoor pool in the cold season:


  1. Year-round fun: Thanks to the indoor pool, visitors to the resort can enjoy swimming and relaxing in any weather, even on the coldest winter day.
  2. Comfort and safety: The water in the pool is maintained at a pleasant temperature, which makes swimming as comfortable as possible even for those who do not like cold water. In addition, the presence of an indoor pool ensures the safety of visitors regardless of weather conditions.
  3. Panoramic views: The specialty of the indoor pool is its glass dome, which creates a unique atmosphere: you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature, watching the snowfall or the starry sky while swimming.


In "Lisotel" they take care of every visitor, providing comfortable conditions for swimming and relaxation. There are cozy lounge areas around the pool where you can relax with a book or a cup of hot drink after swimming. Snacks and drinks can be ordered at the special bar. Thus, the indoor pool in the country complex "Lisotel" becomes an ideal place for winter relaxation, where you can forget about the cold and enjoy the atmosphere of coziness and comfort.


Country complexes with indoor pools: Your personal paradise


отдых под киевом зимой с бассейном


We pride ourselves on providing comfort and coziness in every detail. Country complex "Lisotel" is an ideal place for the whole family to relax or for a romantic weekend. Our attention to detail begins the moment you arrive and continues until the moment you leave our amazing grounds.


Imagine waking up in the morning and opening the window of your room to a fabulous landscape, where nature inspires harmony and peace.


Our luxurious rooms are designed to make your stay unforgettable. Stylish interiors, soft beds and all the amenities necessary for a comfortable rest await you.


Recreation center "Lisotel" - your secluded space near Kyiv


"Lisotel" is located near Kyiv, and it is really a place where you can feel the peace and harmony of nature. Our complexes are surrounded by green pine forests, and in the immediate vicinity the picturesque Ros River flows and a magical lake spreads out. It is an ideal place for lovers of active recreation, outdoor walks and fishing.


Don't miss the chance to make your winter vacation unforgettable and relaxing. Discover the world of comfort and coziness in the recreation center "Lisotel" right outside Kyiv!


We invite you to embark on an exciting journey into the world of winter relaxation and entertainment, where an indoor pool, picturesque surroundings and many activities await you and your family. Forget about the cold, because here, in "Lisotel", you will find warmth, coziness and many opportunities for a pleasant rest.


Don't miss the chance to make this winter special. Contact us today to reserve your spot and start preparing for an unforgettable winter adventure at the Lisotel recreation center.

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