Rest in the country complexes near Kiev with a swimming pool

Residents of Kiev, who don’t have an opportunity to go to the sea, can find an affordable option for a vacation near Kiev. Many cottage complexes offer outdoor or indoor swimming pools. If it is situated in a building, then you can have a rest even in winter. This is a nice and affordable way to get away from the city rush and daily challenges.

The advantages of recreation in country complexes with a swimming pool

It is possible to identify several main advantages of recreation in a country complex with a swimming pool:

There are sun loungers, showers and lounge chairs next to the pool;
Visitors will be able to relax without sand;
the entrance to the water is comfortable, prepared;
the water is regularly cleaned, so guests will be able to feel confident that the pool is free of bacteria and germs.

Country complexes have specially prepared areas and playgrounds for children, where they can have fun while adults are resting, enjoying the picturesque views of the pine forest. Many country complexes offer shallow children’s pools.

The outdoor pool season starts earlier and ends later. Guests will be able to arrange a trip regardless of weather conditions. If you choose the pool, you can protect yourself from snags, glass and other debris found in the sea or rivers.

Additional recreational opportunities

In country complexes with a swimming pool there are cottages or modern rooms with original design. They are comfortable for proper rest and sleep. Guests will be able to choose a different price category on their own. Some cottages can accommodate noisy groups of friends, families with children or newlyweds, who want to spend time together in private.

Almost all country complexes have restaurants and bars with kitchens. Here you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, or an appreciation of delicious snacks. Restaurants often have comfortable terraces overlooking the park or pine forest. Another main advantage for residents of the capital is that the relaxation hotels are located outside the city.

They are located in ecologically clean forest areas with parks. The territory of the country complexes is closed, so the guests will not have to worry about their safety. The round-the-clock guarded parking lot is provided for the cars. Often guests are offered additional services and opportunities for active recreation – jumping on a trampoline for children and adults, boat rides, horseback riding.