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A recreation center near Kyiv where you can relax with animals – Lisotel loves four-legged animals

I welcome you to Lisotel - a cozy recreation center where you can relax with animals, located near Kyiv in the picturesque village of Rokytne. Our recreation center is distinguished by a special atmosphere and care for each guest, especially those who travel in the company of loyal friends and not only dogs. Let's dive into the world of incredible recreation with animals, where every moment is filled with joy and comfort, especially when your furry companion is by your side.


Advantages of Lisotel for recreation with animals


Lisotel is located in a picturesque suburb of Kyiv, which makes it an ideal place for recreation both for townspeople and for residents of nearby settlements. Easy access from the capital and proximity to nature create ideal conditions for a relaxing vacation with pets.


We are proud to offer special conditions for staying with your pets. Our rooms and cottages are equipped taking into account the needs of pets, so that your vacation is as comfortable and pleasant as possible for the whole family.


The safety and comfort of your pets is our priority. The entire area is guarded, and special areas for dog walking ensure safety and freedom of movement. In addition, our rooms provide everything you need to care for your pets, creating a home away from home for them.


How to book a vacation with a dog in Lisotel


country vacation with a dog


  • Choose your accommodation type: At the beginning of the booking process, choose the type of room or cottage that suits your preferences and takes into account the presence of a dog. We have specially equipped options for guests with pets.
  • Specify the number and size of dogs: Please specify the number and size of your dogs when booking. This will help us provide the best conditions for your comfort and the comfort of your pets.
  • Agree on the accommodation conditions: At the booking stage, clarify all the details of the accommodation conditions with dogs. We have a variety of options, including access to special walking areas and additional amenities for pets.
  • Specify additional requests: If you have any special requests or wishes about staying with dogs, please specify them at the time of booking. We will try to make your vacation as pleasant as possible.


A recreation center near Kyiv where you can relax with animals


recreation center with animals


We sincerely invite you to visit Lisotel and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in the comfort of nature near Kyiv. We have created a special space where every moment is filled with joy and peace, especially when your faithful four-legged friend is by your side.


We hope that your stay will bring not only pleasure, but also vivid memories of a pleasant and comfortable vacation in the company of your pets. Our friendly staff and cozy atmosphere await you here to make your stay special.


Thank you for choosing Lisotel. We are ready to make your vacation unforgettable!

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