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Places to stay near Kyiv

Not far from the capital of Ukraine, there are many interesting places that you should visit in your free time. There are a huge number of different recreation centers near Kyiv that offer accommodation in private houses. It is noteworthy that every third village has several recreation areas at once.

Near the houses there are often places for barbecue and playgrounds with a beach and a swimming pool. There are also special places near the capital of Ukraine that should be visited first.

Sobi-Club complex

Sobi-Club is a complex in a pine forest. Located just 9 km from the capital, this is a place to relax with your family and recharge your batteries for the working week. Everyone can find several advantages for themselves here:

  • children's playground;
  • equestrian club;
  • swimming pool and park chess;
  • fishing;
  • tennis courts and a sports ground;
  • billiards and darts;
  • zoo.

The complex is located in the village of Khotonivka, Kyiv region.

Recreation center "Residence"

The Residence recreation center is a great place for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, anyone can relax on the shore of the lake. For children, the recreation center provides many different services, and there is even a large rope park and a petting zoo. "Residence can offer the following services:

  • vacation in two-room cottages;
  • fishing on Lake Supiy:
  • stables with open and closed arenas;
  • tennis courts, a mini-football field and a rope park;
  • the Yahotyn Museum, saunas, and a TIR.

The base is located in Yagotyn, 82 Darnytska Street.

Recreation center "YasenSad"

This place was created for those people who want to communicate with nature and not feel the stress of city life. Also, vacationers who love sports should pay attention to this recreation center. The recreation center can please with many interesting entertainments:

  • fireplace room, swimming pool and gazebos;
  • beach and pier;
  • children's playground;
  • saunas, a cinema and karaoke;
  • cycling, table tennis and fishing.

The base is located at 1 Yasnohorodka village, Vyshgorod district, Kyiv region.

Park Hotel Good-wood

The country complex was named a park hotel because it literally grew up surrounded by a pine forest. A paradise for introverts and nature lovers, this park hotel can offer its guests the following services:

  • location in a dense coniferous forest;
  • a mini-zoo and a landscape park;
  • bath complex;
  • children's club and playgrounds;
  • barbecue area.

You can find the hotel in the village of Novosilky, at 10 Plityly Street.

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