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Country complexes with swimming pool

For those who want to swim and enjoy water procedures, but do not like natural bodies of water, the perfect solution will be a visit to a swimming pool. The increased effect will be brought by combining swimming with pleasant and healthy spa procedures. This is what is offered by country complexes, which in recent years have become so popular among Kiev citizens and guests of the capital. In such establishments, as a rule, there is not just a swimming pool, but also a sauna, sauna, massage and cosmetology rooms.

Swimming pool and SPA in the complex "Lisotel"

For those who are tired of everyday problems and need a quiet place for rest and relaxation, we recommend you to visit the swimming pool and SPA-center in the country complex "Lisotel". Here you can forget about everyday problems, relax and get a lot of pleasure from a pleasant massage.

Rest in the pool of the country complex near Kiev "Lisotel" will be especially useful for those who spend a lot of time sitting at work, because exercises in the water help to cope with small curvatures of the spine, help to form a correct and beautiful posture. The artificial reservoir has a size of 16 x 7 meters, and it is divided into several zones. For adults there is a deeper and cooler pool, for children there is a separate zone with a place for games and warm water. For those who like whirlpool there is a Jacuzzi, where you can relax in hot water after a cool pool.

Finnish sauna or wood-fired sauna?

Combining a swimming pool with a massage and a visit to the sauna will have a particularly good effect. The complex offers a choice of pine wood sauna or Finnish sauna. The difference between sauna and bathhouse lies in the temperature regime of the steam room and air humidity.

In the bath and sauna you can get not only a lot of positive emotions, but also energize your body with health. Under the influence of hot steam heats up the skin, muscles, bones, joints, vessels are trained, accelerates metabolism, increases heart rate.

Guests of the country complex "Lisotel" can visit the pool from 8.00 to 16.30 without additional fees, because at this time water procedures are included in the cost of living. The SPA-center offers various types of massage - from health-improving to relaxing. A great effect can be achieved if you combine swimming pool, massage and cosmetic procedures. Experienced beauticians are at the guests' service, who will choose the procedures taking into account the wishes of each person.

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