Comfortable country hotel

In recent years, most people are increasingly preferring a country vacation than going to distant countries for a few days off. Leisure in country hotels is an opportunity to get away from the problems and hustle and bustle.

Hotels are an intermediate option between long vacations that help you relax and gain strength for the coming work week. It is necessary to choose the most comfortable suburban complex, which will have all the amenities and comfort.

Inexpensive country complex

If you are looking for a cheap country complex near Kyiv, you should consider the Lisotel. Maximum comfort and convenience are guaranteed at the hotel. The administration offers to book a room at the most affordable price, moreover, by booking a room at the hotel a guest will get access to this heaven on earth.

Lisotel guests will find many interesting and entertaining programs:

Lisotel guests will enjoy a wide variety of interesting and entertaining programs.

  • fishing on the lake and the river Ros;
  • workshops on folk art;
  • pools and spas;
  • professional massage;
  • cycling;
  • Gym and horseback riding;
  • children’s complex;
  • football, darts, volleyball, and paintball

If hotel visitors are hungry, an atmospheric restaurant with a professional chef team and musical accompaniment await them.

Paradise Delight

It only takes one visit to a country hotel to fall in love. Swimming pools and spa treatments give genuine emotions, and the opportunity to take a steam bath on a wood fire only adds the effect of paradisiacal pleasure to all the vacationers. For those who love sports in the country, hotels have all the conditions, you can visit the gym, take a bike and ride a bicycle, or play soccer.

Fans of a quieter holiday can take any book they have in the local library and go read by the lake. The cozy atmosphere will add to the mood and relieve the tension. You can also go on excursions or go gathering mushrooms, forest berries, and medicinal herbs.

Comfort for children

In the country complex, you do not need to worry about your children, you can always find something for them to do. Children can play in the playgrounds with their friends, and if parents decide to go to the massage or pool, and you do not have anyone to leave them with, there is always a professional babysitter to help.

The children at the country hotel have a variety of activities for sure they will not be bored. Families can have a picnic and then go for a walk to the lake with their children, it will cheer up both the child and their parents.