Places to rest near Kiev

Near the capital of Ukraine there are a lot of interesting places that you should visit in your free time. There are lots of different camping sites near Kiev, which offer private houses. It is noteworthy that in every third village there are several vacation spots.

Beaching the cottages there are often places for barbecue and playgrounds with a beach and a pool. There are some special places near the capital of Ukraine that you should visit first.


Leisure with family or romantic weekend for two

Sometimes you should forget about work and go for a vacation in nature, to specially equipped hotels. The complexes give vacationers the gift of the great outdoors, with space for everything from a gym and swimming pool to spa treatments and fishing on the lake.

Rural complexes offer a relaxing environment, especially if vacationers come with children. Children are free to play on the special grounds, and if necessary, you can always hire a babysitter who will entertain the child and keep an eye on him during the vacation.

Country villas should be a special place for lovers. Few places you can experience such emotions, as in the country hotels. Complexes are ideal for honeymoon, this is where you can enjoy each other, because the romance in the fresh air literally captivates all holidaymakers.

Time outdoors

Many physicians recommend spending a lot of time outdoors, country complexes solve this problem in no time at all. Vacationers can read a book in the fresh air, sit near a lake, or go fishing. Many people do not believe that fresh air can make a person feel better, but this quickly passes after visiting the hotel outside the city.

Fatigue from routine and the many thoughts that are stuck in your head and keep you awake at night literally dissipate. Also, don’t forget that when you are outdoors, you can play various games, such as dipping into a sport like soccer.

Sports and recreation


Rural hotels are a godsend for sports enthusiasts. Visitors can work out in the gym, then enjoy a spa treatment, a swim in the pool, or a massage. After a grueling workout it is always good to relax and not think about problems.

Sports recreation is very important, and most importantly, it is to spend that recreation with maximum benefit to the body.