Folk festivals, Ethno recreation near Kyiv!

Народные гулянья, Этно отдых под Киевом!

Every person sooner or later thinks of having a rest in nature, far away from the noisy and bustling city. Lissotel, a country complex located near Kiev, will help you have an unforgettable ethnic-style rest. What are the advantages of such a rest in Lisotel?

It’s quite simple: you will be able to steam in the bathhouse, go horseriding, relax on the lake, hunt, go for a walk in the forest for mushrooms and forest berries, visit the Chapel of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and much more. With this rest you can improve their health by visiting the health procedures, one of these procedures is a dream in the “Bee House”, which has medicinal properties. You can also come to the resort with your children, here and for them to find something to do! The Kids Club organizes games, hiking, all kinds of entertainment for your kids.

Naturally, after such active rest in the ethno-style, you and your kids will want to have something to eat. In Lisotel there is a restaurant “Red Fox,” which is the highlight of the whole complex. The main difference of this restaurant is that it has its own farm, which supplies the restaurant with everything you need. Here you can taste the real rustic and ecologically clean food.

You may also purchase organic products, both ready-made and those from the farm. In addition to food and souvenirs, you can order handmade furniture made by professionals. Whether you wish to celebrate your special day outdoors, with good entertainment and good food or just want to take part in a folk festival, the Lisotel is ideal!

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