Comfortable country hotel

In recent years, most people are increasingly preferring a country vacation than going to distant countries for a few days off. Leisure in country hotels is an opportunity to get away from the problems and hustle and bustle. Hotels are an intermediate option between long vacations that help you relax and gain strength for the […]

The advantages of a country vacation

Life in the metropolis tires you out and takes a lot of energy, the constant work, and city noise begin to irritate you every day more and more. Many people want to have a good and unforgettable vacation, but no one wants to go just for a couple of days in another country, so country […]

Rest in the country complexes near Kiev with a swimming pool

Residents of Kiev, who don’t have an opportunity to go to the sea, can find an affordable option for a vacation near Kiev. Many cottage complexes offer outdoor or indoor swimming pools. If it is situated in a building, then you can have a rest even in winter. This is a nice and affordable way […]

Country holiday with a swimming pool

Relaxation pools and spa treatments can help get rid of the effects of hard work. Many vacationers underestimate the benefits of swimming pools, which in seconds will rid the whole body of fatigue. It is worth paying attention to country complexes with swimming pools, which are designed to lift your spirits and relax every muscle […]

Country holiday with a swimming pool

Leisure out of town – family weekend When the annoying problems of everyday life come crashing down on you, you want to be alone with your family somewhere warm and quiet. Somewhere, where you can feel free from everything and everyone. A place where you can escape from the daily routine and spend time with […]

Places to rest near Kiev

Near the capital of Ukraine there are a lot of interesting places that you should visit in your free time. There are lots of different camping sites near Kiev, which offer private houses. It is noteworthy that in every third village there are several vacation spots. Beaching the cottages there are often places for barbecue […]

Recreation complexes near Kiev

Recommendations for choosing a hotel for the weekend Recently, out-of-town recreation has been gaining in popularity. This fact is confirmed by a number of advantages, one of which is saving money. By studying the relevant market, you can notice that the choice of successfully functioning proposals, has increased significantly. Many people are thinking about a […]

Countryside recreation near Kiev

If you have a great desire to relax, but don’t want to leave the capital of Ukraine and go to other cities and countries, then you should pay attention to the countryside recreation near Kiev. A desire to relax is quite normal for most people. Everyone needs a vacation, but the main thing is to […]

Country hotel in Kiev

Advantages of Rest in a Country Hotel with a Sauna While choosing a country hotel in Kiev, you should pay attention to the resorts with SPA-center. This is especially true for people, who prefer calm and measured rest with relaxation. Procedures that are offered in a spa are very diverse. Their list depends, as a […]

Inexpensive recreation centers near Kiev

Recreation center: advantages and peculiarities of choice While choosing a cheap recreation center near Kiev, you should take into consideration five important things: budget, location, feedback, conditions and entertainment. When you have a desire to spend your time in a picturesque place with conveniences and comfort, a countryside complex is a good choice. The main […]

Staying in a castle complex near Kiev

Кияни знають, що таке міська метушня. Постійний шум машин, юрби людей, нав’язлива реклама виводять людину з рівноваги. Тому періодично варто робити так зване перезавантаження. Відмінний спосіб позбутися від втоми і повсякденної суєти – відпочинок в заміському комплексі під Києвом. Якщо ви збираєтеся виїхати з галасливого мегаполісу на кілька днів, необхідно відповідально підійти до питання вибору […]

Rest in the country complex in Kiev region

Rest in the country complex in the Kiev region Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to go on vacation abroad. The problem is not about money. The problem is that many people simply have no time to pack and travel. To help busy people come to the countryside complexes, where the rest is not worse […]

Where you can rest near Kiev

It is impossible to work without a break, that’s what rest is for. Sometimes it happens that you want to go away, but you can’t go to another city. To have a good time you don’t need to go far away, there are small recreation centers not far from the Ukrainian capital. Some recreation bases […]

Recreation complexes Kiev

Important nuances of a vacation at a country complex Recreation complexes in Kiev have different orientation. More and more often the guests choose those country complexes that can offer a maximum amount of entertainment in the form of additional services. One of the obligatory conditions of quality rest for the modern guests is the presence […]

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